Supergirl S2 Ep9- Review


As stated above, this review, along with all my TV reviews will contain spoilers. Unlike my movie reviews, my TV reviews are really just more about me talking about what specifically I did and didn’t like about the episode. Now let’s move forward. This episode of Supergirl, titled “Supergirl Lives” is the midseason premiere of season 2, and it was directed by Kevin Smith. His daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, is also in the episode, playing a girl that Supergirl is trying to save.

In order to make this as succinct as possible, I am going to break this review up by talking about each storyline individually instead of tackling the episode’s events in order. So, let’s start with Supergirl’s storyline. This episode sees the return of a villain from earlier in the season, Roulette, a woman who has a penchant for making money off other people’s suffering. Very generic as far as villain motivations go, but it’s a staple of the genre so there you go. Roulette starts kidnapping people and handing them over to this alien race so they can sell them to the highest bidder. She kidnaps Izzy (Smith) and that eventually causes Kara to investigate when the girl’s mother comes to Catco looking for help finding her daughter. After a little investigating, Kara and Mon-El end up on a different planet via a portal, where they eventually find Izzy and all the other abductees. Since this planet has a red sun, neither Supergirl nor Mon-El have their powers, making this a much trickier situation than it would be otherwise.

Being the main storyline of this episode, it was solid. Nothing mind blowing about it really, but it was an enjoyable villain of the week episode with a less than compelling foe. Personally, I think the most interesting aspect of this storyline was near the end when they are all escaping the base and one of the aliens seems like he is about to shoot Kara. Mon-El stands in the way and the big menacing alien guy orders the smaller one to stand down, saying Mon-El is not to be harmed. He then does this sort of bow to Mon-El, so he is obviously going to play a huge part in the main storyline of the season, as he is apparently being sought after and maybe even idolized by some of these aliens. Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot to the main plot this week, other than Mon-El finally deciding that he wants to be a superhero, and some more obvious romantic tension between him and Supergirl. Part of me hopes that they never go that route with those two, but I am almost positive they will at some point.

One of the subplots this week involved Winn getting sucker punched by a thug while trying to help Guardian, and then spending the rest of the episode basically being shell-shocked and deciding that he can’t help in the field anymore. The scene between Winn and James in the locker room was well acted, especially on Winn’s part, as he really was convincing in that scene. Of course, he eventually gets a pep talk from Alex when she needs him to travel to Slaver’s Moon with her to help rescue Kara. After arriving there, Winn has probably my favorite moment in the entire episode when he knocks an alien unconscious and has a genuinely funny moment of celebration. The Stargate and Star Trek references he makes during the episode were also appreciated of course. After regaining his courage, he informs James that he is back in the game and is now a badass. Winn is a genuinely likable character so I enjoyed seeing him have his own little moment of heroism at the end of the episode.

The other main subplot of the episode was between Alex and her new girlfriend Maggie. Now I am going to be honest, I love this relationship, I really do. I think these two characters go well together, and the formation of their relationship has been pretty believable and one of the highlights of the season so far. In this episode, when Alex learns that Kara has disappeared to a different planet and is in danger, she completely shuts Maggie out and it kind of sounds like she breaks up with her. Now I just got done saying how this relationship has been believable up to this point, but I had a problem with this scene. Alex was basically on cloud nine earlier in the episode because of how happy she was in her relationship with Maggie. However, after finding out that Kara is in danger in this scene, she proceeds to just melt down and presumably break up with Maggie. Now I understand she was worried about her sister being in danger and everything, fair enough, but come on now, she is Supergirl, she is literally almost always in some sort of mortal danger. Yes, she doesn’t have her powers this time, but still, I just think that “break up meltdown” scene felt a little forced. Of course, after the day was saved and everything was rosy again, Alex apologized to Maggie and said it would never happen again. Maggie also let her know that she knows that Kara is Supergirl, stating that glasses aren’t exactly the best disguise, which was good for a nice little chuckle.

Alright, so overall this episode was solid, not great, but solid. The subplots were honestly more intriguing than the main storyline, but that’s not always a bad thing. Hopefully we will start getting more information revealed and more progress made on the main plot of the season here soon, but this was a perfectly fun little mid-season premiere to kick off the second half of the season. Check back next week for my thoughts on episode 10. Take care.

Score: 7.5/10


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