The Flash S3 Ep10- Review



Alright, so here we are, the midseason premiere for season 3 of The Flash. I have to be honest, this season has been a little hit and miss for me so far. I have still been enjoying it, but I feel like it has fallen a little from the previous two seasons. Hopefully my opinion will change in the second half of the season, but if so, it’s going to need to be more interesting than this episode was.

This episode, titled “Borrowing problems from the future” saw Flash and Kid Flash taking on Plunder, another very generic villain of the week who had no personality and I guess a decently cool weapon. This whole baddie of the week trend is a big part of why I haven’t been huge on this season so far. I know that they have done that a lot in the other seasons as well but they supplemented them with a steady progression of the big bad storyline. Also, season one had Captain Cold and season two had Gorilla Grodd and The Trickster. This season hasn’t really even had any mid-level villains that I have cared about, not to mention that Savitar, the big bad, is yet another speedster. Anyways, back to reviewing this actual episode.

Barry has been having nightmares about seeing Savitar kill Iris when he traveled to the future and now he is obsessed with making sure that doesn’t happen, which is completely understandable. However, he is kind of a dick to Wally a couple times in this episode and I didn’t really care much for that. Grant Gustin is great as Barry, like always, but it’s just starting to seem like he goes through the same emotions in every episode now. By the end of the episode, everyone except Joe knows that Barry saw Iris die in the future and of course have vowed to help him stop it. They take their first step towards this by having Kid Flash capture and arrest Plunder, instead of having Flash do it like the newspaper from the future says.

As far as subplots go, H.R. tried to open the Star Labs Museum, unsuccessfully at first, and then successfully the second time, after getting help from Cisco. It was decent I suppose, but no real stakes involved in it. The better subplot was Caitlin continuing to try and suppress her Killer Frost powers by enlisting the help of Draco, uhh, I mean Julian. I’m still not a big fan of Julian, but I love Caitlin. A big part of me wants to see her fully embrace her dark side and go full Killer Frost, but another part of me would really miss regular Caitlin because she really is great. She got a new necklace that will apparently help her keep her powers subdued, but surely that will only last for so long. It’s only a matter of time before we see her turn into Killer Frost again.

At the end of the episode, we saw a mysterious woman come through a portal with a little hologram of H.R. so hopefully that will have some interesting implications. Overall, this episode was pretty mediocre, not really giving us anything new on the Savitar front and presenting us with another bland villain of the week and a couple subplots that were decent, but nothing amazing. Hopefully next week’s episode will be a little better. Here’s to hoping for a villain next week that we can actually care about.


Score: 7/10


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