Scandal Season 6 Premiere- Review



Okay, so here we go. Season 6 pretty much picks up where season 5 left off, with the results of the election hanging in the balance. Minutes into the episode the results come in, and Frankie Vargas is announced as the new president-elect of the United States. Mellie and Olivia are of course both devastated by the results and Olivia eventually coaches Mellie through conceding the election to Frankie. Since this is a Shonda Rhimes show, we have to have a shocking twist, and it came a few minutes later when Vargas, the new president elect, was shot during his victory speech. However, to be honest, I saw that coming as soon as he was announced as the victor. There was no way that he was going to be the new president in this show, it wouldn’t be nearly scandalous enough.

Of course, Olivia’s first thought was that her father had something to do with it, so she went to confront him about it. He denied it, and implied that it was actually Cyrus who had Vargas shot, which I thought was pretty obvious. Olivia and her team then spent the rest of the episode trying to find evidence of Cyrus having Vargas killed, since he did end up dying in the hospital from his wounds.

While Olivia and her team were doing their thing, Fitz had to decide who he was going to put his support behind for president. This is where I take issue with the episode. Fitz says he might not put his support behind Mellie because the American people didn’t vote for her to be president. Okay, I’m sorry but the election was described as being very close at the beginning of the episode, so that implies that almost half the country did in fact vote for Mellie to be president. How many people voted for Cyrus to be president exactly? Zero, that’s how many. So his logic as far as that goes makes no sense. Millions of people did in fact vote for Mellie, nobody voted for Cyrus.

After tossing it around in his mind throughout the episode, he decides to back Cyrus for president of the United States. Of course, moments after he does so, Olivia and her team uncover a deleted voice message that has one of Vargas’ campaign staffers saying that Cyrus indeed was behind Vargas being assassinated. This is where my second issue arises with the episode. Instead of taking that voice message to Fitz, or the media, or anyone for that matter, she goes straight to Cyrus and whispers to him that she knows it was him (stupid) and that she will prove it (stupid). Seriously, why in the hell would anyone do that? Just take the damn message to Fitz and have him listen to it. He would hear it, withdraw his support for Cyrus, and put his support behind Mellie instead. The message wouldn’t be enough to put Cyrus in prison, but with everything Cyrus has done in the past, it would definitely have been enough to get him to withdraw his support. I understand that wouldn’t make for riveting TV exactly, but it would at least make sense, whereas Olivia’s actions at the end of this episode are absurd. Let’s tell the murderous, treasonous psychopath that we know his secret and will expose him, before we actually have the means to do so, brilliant. That being said, the episode wasn’t bad overall, and I am excited to see where the season goes.


Score: 7.5/10


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