Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep10- Review



Holy shit, this episode! Last week’s episode, dealing with the George Lucas storyline, was a fun little episode, but it doesn’t touch the episode this week. This episode, titled “Legion of Doom” is hands down the best episode of this season, and one of, if not the best episode of the series. The brilliant thing they did with this episode is that they put the main focus on the Legion of Doom, specifically Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk.

Malcolm and Damien are instructed by Eobard Thawne to get the Spear of Destiny information from Rip Hunter, who they captured at the end of the last episode. Damien and Malcolm disagree on the best way to get the information from him. Damien is all about torturing him, whereas Malcolm wants to take a less violent approach. Damien ends up extracting one of Rip’s teeth that just happens to have some safety deposit box information on it. Eobard then orders him and Malcolm to go to the bank and bring him whatever is in the safety deposit box. Damien and Malcolm then start to wonder why Eobard needs them at all if he is supposed to be so powerful, and both start to get fed up with how they are treated by him.

At the bank, they bully Rip into gaining access to the safety deposit box, however with his memory loss, he doesn’t have the necessary password. This leads to the bank employee calling security and promptly getting murdered by Damien and Malcolm. What follows is a pretty cool bank shootout scene where Malcolm and Damien do what they do best, murder people.

One of the best things about this episode was the amazingly funny and witty tension between Damien and Malcolm. They are at each other’s throats pretty much the entire episode, and it is great. Each of them has the upper hand at different points during the episode, and their feuding culminates in a sword fight that was pretty cool, although I wish it would have been longer. Rip ends up getting them to stop fighting by making them realize that this is what Eobard is counting on.

Damien and Malcolm then decide to set a trap for Eobard, eventually locking him inside the bank vault where the safety deposit box is located. This is where we finally find out what exactly is going on with Eobard. We find out that he is being chased through time by some nefarious being, and that he can’t stay in one place for too long or he will be drug back to the speed force and be dead for good. Damien and Malcolm tell Eobard they will help him and let him out of the vault if he stops treating them like lackeys. He agrees, and the three of them come up with a plan. We then go outside the vault and get a look at what exactly is chasing Eobard, and it is BLACK FLASH!! Their plan is to have Eobard stand perfectly still, as Black Flash can’t sense him if he isn’t moving. The plan works, and Black Flash eventually goes away. He was so badass looking, and I hope we see more of Black Flash going forward.


Alright, so aside from the Legion of Doom storyline, we also had some scenes with the Waverider crew. They spent the bulk of this episode on their ship, trying to figure out their next move against the Legion of Doom. However, the real core of this half of the episode dealt with Stein bringing his daughter Lily aboard the Waverider and her eventually finding out that she is a time aberration. After finding that out, from Mick of course, she goes to confront her father, and we get a couple nice emotional scenes that feel genuinely heartfelt. Victor Garber is a great actor and always one of the highlights of this show, and he shows why in these scenes. Christina Brucatto, who plays his daughter, also does a solid job in these emotional scenes, and plays the nerdy type character very well.

That was honestly all there really was to this portion of the episode as far as substance goes. This episode was very aptly titled, because the Legion of Doom were without a doubt the highlight of it. This was definitely my favorite episode of the season, and probably top 3 of the series. Let’s hope that the season continues on this trajectory going forward.


Score: 9/10


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