Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep9- Review



Oh Legends of Tomorrow, you really do fully embrace your campiness don’t you? This episode, titled “Raiders of the Lost Art” was the mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, and boy does this show have fun. It is by far the campiest and most light-hearted of the DC shows on CW, and the fact that they own that is why I really enjoy it.

This episode focuses on the Waverider group finding Rip Hunter in the past and trying to get him to reveal where he hid the Spear of Destiny. However, all of his memories are lost so he has no idea who the Waverider crew are, and wants no part of all the craziness going on. He just wants to finish making his movie, with a young George Lucas by his side. When the Legion of Doom appears at the movie set and attacks, Sarah and company rescue Rip and escape. Meanwhile, George Lucas sees all the carnage from the battle and freaks out, deciding to quit film school, therefor effectively meaning he never creates Star Wars and never co-writes Raiders of the Lost Ark. This deeply affects Ray and Nate, as those movies were the inspirations for them following the career paths they took. Now Ray doesn’t have his suit or his scientific knowledge because Star Wars never existed, and Nate doesn’t have his powers or historical acumen because he never got to see Raiders of the Lost Ark. So now the Waverider crew’s main mission of the episode is to convince George Lucas to not quit film school, so that he will go on to create movies that will inspire the world.

Just that premise alone should show you that this show has a lot of fun with itself. It’s a ridiculous over the top idea, but the way they execute it is very fun, and it leads to some cool scenes. There is a scene where some of the team members are stuck in a trash compacter with George Lucas, ala Star Wars, and it is just as great as it sounds. The level of fan service is amazing.

This is really the only real big draw of this episode however, as I don’t feel like the rest of the episode is as interesting. It has its moments, but there isn’t a whole lot of substance there. Legends can hit the emotional beats when it needs to, but a lot of times they stick to lighter storylines, and for the most part that works, but sometimes I would like some deeper emotional plots, and I hope we get some in the back half of this season.

Overall, this was a decent episode to kick off the second half of season 2, with a cool fan-service storyline and some fun performances. There wasn’t really much depth, but the episode was fun for what it was.


Score: 7/10


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