Supergirl S2 Ep13- Review


Spoiler Alert!!!!

This episode of Supergirl, titled “Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk” revolved around the fifth dimensional being, Mr. Mxyzptlk, trying to convince Kara to marry him. The beginning of the episode starts right where we left off last week, with Mon-El and Kara about to kiss, before being interrupted by Mxyzptlk appearing out of a portal and declaring his love for Kara. During this opening scene, he announces his intention to marry Kara and then uses his powers to transport Mon-El to the DEO when he objects to this idea. Kara of course shuts Mxyzptlk down, telling his she will not marry him. The rest of the episode deals with him trying to convince Kara, at first romantically, and then much more forcefully, to marry him.

When I saw Mxyzptlk appear at the end of last week’s episode, I was excited for where this episode was going to go, because that character has always been a pretty fun one in the comics. He isn’t necessarily evil like many villains, but he can be very dangerous when he chooses to be. He is normally just a prankster, and likes to get his jollies from messing with people, Superman in particular. For me at least, the excitement for seeing this character in an episode paid off, as I very much enjoyed this episode of Supergirl. The actor who plays Mxyzptlk, Peter Gadiot, did a great job in my opinion. He had that playful tone and attitude to him, and pulled off the narcissistic moments very well. The couple scenes where he tried to be genuinely intimidating didn’t work as well for me, but those weren’t the main focus of his character.

Mon-El was not happy with another man showing up and declaring his love for Kara of course, and he was all too willing to just kill him and move on. Supergirl wouldn’t allow any killing of course, and told Mon-El that she would handle him herself. This led to tension between Mon-El and Kara throughout the episode, as they never saw eye to eye on how to handle the smitten prankster. This eventually led to a heated argument where they both said in anger that maybe they aren’t right for each other. Kara eventually learned that she could banish Mxyzptlk back to the fifth dimension by making him say his own name backwards. Later on, after agreeing to marry him at the Fortress of Solitude, she shows up unprepared for marriage, revealing that she lied to him. She then traps Mxyzptlk and herself in the Fortress and activates the self destruct sequence. He then begs her not to kill herself, and pleads with her to give him the code to stop it. She shows him which buttons to push, and it is revealed that the buttons spell out his name backwards, effectively working the same as if he had spoken it aloud, and he was banished back to the fifth dimension. I actually thought it was quite clever how they went about tricking him into saying his name backwards, although technically he didn’t speak it. Kara and Mon-El then made up and we finally got the kiss we have been waiting for between the two. Hopefully this relationship will last a while at least, and not just fall apart in a couple of episodes.

As far as side stories go, there were a couple this week, and I honestly really enjoyed both of them. The first one had to do with Alex and Maggie’s first Valentine’s Day together. Maggie told Alex that she hates Valentine’s Day and Alex pretends to agree, although she truthfully wants to celebrate with her. I have loved the relationship between these two since the beginning, but I wasn’t really sold on this conflict at first. Alex tries to tailor make the Valentine’s Day experience towards Maggie’s interests, but she still snaps at her for making any attempt at all. I thought it was a little unrealistic that Maggie would flip out like that on her… until she revealed the real reason why she hates Valentine’s Day. Floriana Lima does a great job of conveying real emotion in this scene when describing to Alex how she was outed to her parents as a teenager on Valentine’s Day, and was subsequently kicked out of her home by her father. That explanation really made me believe that she hated the holiday, and I thought it was a great scene that really sold the conflict. Of course, by the end of the episode, Alex and Maggie make up and seem to be all the better as a couple for it. I really hope that they keep this relationship going strong for a good while to come. These two are so great together.


The second subplot wasn’t quite as good as Alex and Maggie’s, but it saw Wynn possibly getting a new romantic interest. While at the alien bar, Wynn’s choice of alcoholic beverage seems to offend one of the aliens, who proceeds to try and start a fight with him. However, a female alien steps in and proceeds to kick the asses of both of the alien bullies. Her and Wynn then talk for a minute before kissing and setting up a date for Valentine’s Day. During their date, Lyra suggests that her and Wynn go back to his apartment, an idea to which Wynn is incredibly receptive to. It is presumed that they hooked up at that point, evidenced by the fact that Lyra told Wynn that she figured it was just a one time “experience” for him. Wynn has a pretty nice scene here, where he explains to her that she isn’t just an experience to him, and he is genuinely interested in a relationship with her. I hope this turns out well, mainly because Wynn deserves to be happy, but also because I actually like Lyra thus far. I have to be honest when I say that I don’t fully trust her yet. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if she turns out to be evil, but I am really hoping that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, as both the main story and the subplots were very entertaining and well written. This is one of my favorite episodes of the season, although it didn’t really do anything to further the overarching plot of the season. Let’s hope that the rest of the season continues on this trajectory.


Score: 9.25/10


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