The Flash S3 Ep13- Review



This episode of The Flash, titled “Attack on Gorilla City” is the first part of a two part storyline featuring Gorilla Grodd as the main villain. I have been waiting for what feels like forever for the show to bring Grodd back. He is one of the most popular villains of The Flash, and I really enjoy what they have done with him in the few episodes of the show that he has been in. We haven’t seen Grodd since Barry sent him to Gorilla City, so this two part storyline is overdue. Now let’s delve into what did and didn’t work for me in this episode.

The main focus of this episode was Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian traveling to Gorilla City on Earth-2 in order to rescue Harrison Wells. I really expected Jessie to go with them, and I’m not really sold on the reason she didn’t. She was all determined to go with them and then she pretty much immediately caved once Barry told her that he needed her to stay in Central City to protect it while he is gone. I’m sorry, but no, that wouldn’t fly if I was in Jessie’s shoes. Wally was already staying behind to protect the city in Barry’s absence, so why in the hell would Jessie need to stay behind too? I would have been more inclined to overlook this if something happened while Barry was gone that Wally needed Jessie’s help with. However, that wasn’t the case. The only trouble came when two bank robbers tried to make a getaway and Wally handled them by himself within seconds. We wouldn’t have gotten the side story between Wally and Jessie if she had gone to Gorilla City, but I feel like we could have had that side story in one of the next couple episodes and it would have made more sense.

Once Barry and the group get to Gorilla City, they are almost immediately lured into a trap and tranquilized. They then wake up in separate cells and are unable to use their powers because of Grodd. However, Grodd doesn’t know that Caitlin has powers, which comes into play later, but I am not sure why she wouldn’t have been able to use her powers immediately to freeze the cell bars and shatter them. Grodd eventually uses Harrison as a vessel to speak through, and tells Barry and the group that the gorilla leader, Solovar, wants to attack Central City, and that the only way to stop him is to kill him. Barry eventually agrees to fight Solovar in single combat in the arena.


Once the fight starts, Barry gets his ass kicked for the first couple minutes, no surprise. However, he then uses the phasing hand knife thing to hit Solovar in the chest and defeat him. However, Barry then refuses to kill Solovar, and instead makes a plea to all of the gorillas in the arena, telling them that humans don’t want war with Gorilla City. He then gets tranquilized again, and wakes back up in his cell. It is then that we learn that Solovar never wanted war with the humans, Grodd did. I really liked this reveal, because I wasn’t really liking Grodd seemingly helping Barry and the group. He is a villain, and that’s what I want to see from him. Grodd tells the group that Cisco will open a portal for him so that he can invade Central City with his gorilla army. Cisco won’t let this happen of course, so the group comes up with a plan. Caitlin uses her cold powers to lower Barry’s body temperature to the point where he appeared to be dead. They then convinced Grodd that he was dead, so he removed Barry from the cell. Barry then used his powers to reheat his body temperature and helped the rest of the group escape from their cells. They then escape into the forest and use a portal to get back to Central City. At the end of the episode it shows that Grodd prepared for this outcome, and somehow lured Gypsy to Gorilla City. He plans to use her to get to Central City.

There was really only one side story this week, and it revolved around Wally and Jessie. Jessie spent most of the episode acting weird around Wally and we eventually found out why. Once she saw that Wally had powers, and saw him use them, she was scared that he wouldn’t care about being with her anymore, because he would be too focused on having these new powers. Of course, Wally lets her know that isn’t the case, and by the end of the episode Jessie decides that she will tell her father that she wants to move to Earth-1 to be with Wally. The storyline itself was alright, but nothing too riveting. Jessie and Wally make a cute couple, so hopefully the relationship works out.

Overall, this was a solid start to the two episode arc. I wasn’t as in love with the episode as I was hoping I would be, but I am still optimistic about the second part. I really want to see Grodd fight. Hopefully the second episode will be a little more action oriented, but either way it should be a good episode.


Score: 8.5/10


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