Arrow S5 Ep14- Review



This episode of Arrow, titled “Sin-Eater” deals primarily with the return of three previous villains from the show’s past. Those villains were China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner, three female killers who Arrow has sent away previously. The three villainesses escape from a prisoner transport van and proceed to make their way to Star City in search of a cash deposit left behind by Tobias Church after his untimely demise.

This was yet another episode of Arrow where I feel that the side stories were much stronger than the actual main plot of the episode. The scenes involving the escaped trio were fine enough I suppose, but nothing about the storyline itself felt important or at all needed for that matter. It really doesn’t help that none of the three characters are all that interesting. China White is probably the most intriguing of the three, but even she isn’t a character that I am dying to learn more about. The three of them spend the majority of the episode going around to different parts of the city, killing people while trying to learn the location of the cash deposit. By the end of the episode, they have somehow recruited about two dozen henchman to their side. Warner says it was with money, but what money I have no idea. They hadn’t actually gotten the cash deposit yet, so the henchman must have taken an IOU for future payment, which doesn’t really seem like how that would work, but whatever. Nevertheless, Team Arrow inevitably defeats them all, with an assist from the ACU (Anti-Crime Unit).

Alright, so now let’s talk about the parts of this episode that actually worked for me. Near the beginning of the episode, Oliver’s new reporter girlfriend, Susan, asks him if he is the Green Arrow. Oliver says yes, but then says he was kidding because he thought she was kidding. I actually liked that way of trying to deflect suspicion, it was pretty clever. Oliver then tells Thea about what happened, and she seems much more concerned about it than he does. Thea ends up going to Felicity with this news, and they hack into Susan’s computer to find out that she has all the information she needs to pretty much out Oliver as the Green Arrow if she wanted to. A little later in the episode, Susan confronts Oliver and tells him that she was just fired from her job and completely discredited because of some information that was found on her computer. She expresses her curiosity about the timing of this unfortunate turn of events for her career.

Oliver confronts Felicity about this, and she tells him that Thea asked her to plant some things on Susan’s computer, but that she didn’t know what Thea had planned. This leads to a pretty good scene between Oliver and Thea, where Oliver expresses his disapproval of what she has done to Susan, saying that she effectively ruined a woman’s career. Now I see where Oliver is coming from, but I also completely understand why Thea did what she did. If Oliver were to be outed as the Green Arrow to the public, that would end up being very bad for a lot of people. Anyone close to Oliver would be a constant target, not to mention Oliver himself. That isn’t a risk that Thea was willing to take, so she made a hard choice to torpedo a technically innocent woman’s career. Whether I agree with her decision or not, I definitely understand why she did it.

The Sin-Eater

The Green Arrow also had to deal with the ACU targeting him in this episode for the death of William Malone, Felicity’s ex boyfriend, whom Oliver was tricked into killing by Prometheus. The ACU went after Green Arrow while the team was trying to take down the escaped prisoners at one point during the episode. He evaded capture of course, and then was eventually able to convince the head of the ACU task force that Green Arrow was tricked into killing Malone by Prometheus. That’s why at the end of the episode, the ACU helped Team Arrow take down the escaped convicts.

The flashbacks in this episode weren’t very eventful. We flashed back a few times, but not a whole lot happened. It started with Oliver visiting Anatoly in the hospital room after he was attacked by Gregor and his men. Oliver eventually notices something off about one of the orderlies and tries to help Anatoly escape from the hospital. They end up getting pinned down in what looks like the basement of the hospital maybe. Gregor then shows up and says if he gets to kill Oliver then Anatoly can live. Oliver appears to surrender to Gregor, but then launches a surprise attack, taking out Gregor’s guards. The last thing we see in the flashbacks this episode is Gregor pointing a gun at Anatoly’s head at point blank range. I imagine next week’s episode will probably be the last we see of Gregor, as we of course know that he doesn’t kill Anatoly, since he was in a current timeline episode with Oliver a few weeks back.

The episode then ends with Oliver seeing on the news that his administration is being investigated for the cover-up of Detective Malone’s murder. This news clearly has Oliver rattled, and he even says that this could very well be the end of his administration.

Overall, this was a decent episode, but I was underwhelmed by the fledgling main plot. The three villainesses just don’t really have a whole lot drawing us to them. The main draws of this episode were the couple subplots that actually helped to make sure that we had something to hold onto. At this point, I really believe that we need to see Prometheus within the next two episodes. They need to start furthering that storyline some more, and stop just doing these disposable villains of the week every episode. Especially when they haven’t really been having good ones lately.


Score: 7.5/10


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