Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep12- Review



This episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled “Camelot/3000” has the Waverider crew going to Camelot to look for a piece of the Spear of Destiny. Since they inexplicably let Rip Hunter escape with the other piece instead of kneecapping him and taking it, they really needed to get this piece before Rip and the Legion of Doom. I thought this episode was pretty fun, if not completely great.

The episode begins with Rip Hunter traveling forward in time to the year 3000, where he confronts Doctor Midnite, a former member of the JSA who was tasked with guarding a piece of the Spear of Destiny. He ends up killing him and retrieving the piece. Sarah and company find out about what happened and are able to track down the next piece of the spear to Camelot. The Waverider crew arrives in Camelot and are almost immediately set upon by Guinevere and a bunch of soldiers under her command. She takes them to meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, where they meet Merlin, who is actually one of the former JSA members, Stargirl. She was also tasked with guarding a piece of the spear, and she used it to bring Camelot to life.

Inevitably, Rip Hunter shows up with Damien Darhk in tow in order to track down the spear piece that the Waverider crew is also trying to obtain. Rip uses a mind control device in order to force King Arthur to do anything he wants. Our Legends then have to rally the rest of the knights of the round table, minus a deceased Galahad, to face off against Rip and Darhk, along with their mind controlled army.

Professor Stein, Nate, and Mick stay on the Waverider in this episode, and they spend most of it trying to figure out how they can hack the mind control technology so that they can take away Rip’s advantage. Of course, they originally think that Stein is the prime candidate to use the mind control technology, but in a funny but predictable twist, Mick ends up being the one who has to use it to basically overload the device that Rip is using.

Ray also has a little side story that has to do with him being a huge fan of the King Arthur stories since he was a child. He ends up deciding to fight against the mind controlled army led by Rip, even after the Legends have the Spear piece and are ready to go. He gets knighted by Guinevere, and has a nice moment of bravery as he heads into battle with the other knights.

At the end of the battle, the Legends end up defeating and capturing Rip, and also successfully obtaining the piece of the Spear that Stargirl was guarding. Rip will undoubtedly end up causing mayhem aboard the Waverider, as is evidenced by the fact that Gideon responds to him when he calls out to her aboard the ship, showing that he will still probably have control over her.

Now even though I wasn’t amazed by this episode, one thing I do really like about Legends in general is that a lot more of their episodes further the main story arc of the season than in the other CW superhero shows. A lot of episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl do nothing to really further the overarching story of the season. We haven’t gotten any real meaningful progress on the Savitar or Prometheus storylines in Arrow and Flash for a while now. However, basically every episode of this season of Legends has had to do with the Legion of Doom in some way. Almost every episode has had at least one member show up at some point, always furthering their agenda. Overall, it is still my least favorite of the 4 shows, but it does some things better than the others. Next week’s episode has the Legends being taken back millions of years into the past, so yeah… DINOSAURS!!!!


Score: 7.75/10


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