Supergirl S2 Ep14- Review



This episode of Supergirl, titled “Homecoming” revolves around the return of Jeremiah Danvers, the father of Alex and adopted father of Kara. The episode begins with Mon-El waking up the morning after his first night with Kara. He wakes up and notices she isn’t there, and he then hears on the television that Supergirl has been doing all kinds of superhero stuff this morning. She then flies through the window with coffee for the both of them. After that, we are off to the DEO.

This is where the main focus of the episode kicks in. The team finds out that Cadmus is in the process of moving something in one of their convoys. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter team up to go take out this convoy and find out what they are transporting. When they open the truck, it is revealed that Jeremiah was the cargo, so of course they rescue him and bring him back to the DEO. The reunion between Jeremiah, Alex, and Kara is a touching scene that is very well acted, especially by Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex.

It doesn’t take Mon-El long to start questioning the timing and coincidental circumstances of Jeremiah’s rescue. He puts forward a good point, saying that nothing in their fight against Cadmus has ever been this easy before, and that it feels like they wanted the team to rescue Jeremiah. Of course, Alex and Kara just brush him off, basically cementing the fact that Mon-El is right. I never believed for a second in this episode that Jeremiah being back was a good thing for the team. It was obvious from the beginning that Cadmus had orchestrated this whole thing and that something shady was going down. However, it was really nice seeing Dean Cain back in the show, and he did a very solid job in this episode.

Mon-El eventually convinces Wynn to help him keep an eye on Jeremiah, just in case his suspicions are correct. After ruining a family dinner with his accusations, Mon-El is escorted out of the apartment by Jeremiah, where we get an interesting confrontation. Jeremiah basically tells Mon-El that he knows who he is, and that he doesn’t think Kara would like to hear the truth of it. This further supports my theory that Mon-El isn’t actually a friend of the Prince of Daxom like he claimed, but rather the Prince of Daxom himself. It’s only a matter of time before this truth comes to light, but I am still unclear as to why it will have such a huge effect on Kara, seeing how she never really knew the Prince of Daxom anyways.

Wynn eventually catches Jeremiah accessing some secure files from the DEO database and proceeds to tell Mon-El about it. Together they inform Kara, and the three of them then confront Jeremiah about it, with Jon and Alex there to witness. Jeremiah says he was just trying to learn more about Kara and Alex’s heroic deeds during his almost 15-year absence, and Wynn confirms that those are the files he accessed. My problem with this sequence of events is why in the hell would Wynn and Mon-El not have looked at what files Jeremiah accessed before confronting him. They could have seen that he only accessed those certain files and realized that there was no harmful information in them. A little bit of an oversight in the writing, but nothing big. This of course causes Alex to become very angry at the three of them, Kara included. Kara tries to defend herself by asking Alex why Jeremiah wouldn’t have just asked them for the files. This bit of logic doesn’t do anything to sway Alex’s anger however.


Eventually, the team is able to locate the fusion bomb that Jeremiah said Cadmus is planning to use on National City. Supergirl and Alex take a team of agents to the warehouse where the bomb is supposed to be located, while Jeremiah, Wynn, and Jon stay at the DEO to help from there. Once Supergirl and Alex realize that there is no bomb at the warehouse, and start to become suspicious, we see Jeremiah head directly for the elevator, with Jon in pursuit. Jon catches up with him at the DEO database, where Jeremiah is attempting to copy numerous files onto an external drive. Jon tries to stop him, but it is revealed that Jeremiah’s arm has been significantly enhanced and he is able to knock Jon out cold. My theory of Jeremiah being brainwashed doesn’t really seem like the answer however. It seems like he has full control of his mental faculties, and is genuinely choosing to betray his daughters and the DEO to get this information for Cadmus. I’m certain that he is doing it for what he believes to be the right reasons, but the fact that he is consciously betraying them is still huge.

Kara and Alex return to the DEO to find Jon and Wynn both in the healing process. Alex is justifiably devastated that her father would do this, and together with Kara, they track down where Cadmus is going. We see Jeremiah give the stolen DEO information to Lillian Luthor, right before Supergirl and Alex show up to spoil the rendezvous. Lillian blows up some train tracks, forcing Supergirl to save the train instead of chasing them. Alex gives chase through the woods, and eventually catches up with Jeremiah, holding him at gunpoint. He tells her that he is doing all of this to protect her, but she is understandably upset. This is another well-acted scene between Chyler Leigh and Dean Cain. They both convincingly bring across both sorrow and guilt, respectively. Alex ends up lowering her weapon, realizing that she can’t very well kill her father, which allows him to escape back to Cadmus. Kara and Alex return to the DEO empty handed, and heart-broken at what has transpired with Jeremiah. We then have a nice emotional scene where Alex breaks down crying in Maggie’s arms, and another less emotional but still decent scene between Kara and Mon-El. However, that scene is interrupted by a call from Wynn, where he tells Kara that the information Jeremiah stole for Cadmus was the National Registry of Aliens. We then close out the episode with a scene showing Lillian Luthor looking at what appears to be a huge spacecraft of some kind, and proclaiming that the Earth will soon be free of aliens for good.

Now this episode didn’t really have much in the way of side stories, as the whole episode really did focus on the Jeremiah storyline. However, we did get a couple of scenes with Wynn and his new girlfriend Lyra, who I am still not convinced isn’t evil, but I really hope she isn’t. Other than that, though, it was pretty much all main plot this episode.

Overall, I was happy with this episode. It wasn’t my favorite of the season by any means, especially since it was so easy to figure out from the start that something wasn’t right with Jeremiah’s sudden rescue. I would have liked for it to not have been so obvious, but oh well. This show definitely has my favorite relationships out of all the CW DC shows. I like what I have seen of Wynn and Lyra so far, I like Kara and Mon-El together, and of course I absolutely love Alex and Maggie’s relationship. I also like that this episode did a lot in regards to furthering the overarching storyline of the season. Now if only The Flash and Arrow could do that with Savitar and Prometheus, respectively. This was a solid episode of Supergirl, if not one of my favorites of the season.


Score: 7.75/10


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