The Flash S3 Ep14- Review



This episode of The Flash, titled “Attack on Central City” is the second part of the two-episode Gorilla Grodd storyline. Last week’s episode ended with Grodd telling Gypsy that she will open a portal to Earth-1 for him. This week picks up soon after that, with Gypsy appearing through a portal into Star Labs, and proceeding to attack Cisco and Barry before being taken down by Harrison Wells. She awakes in one of the Star Labs cells, with no memory of attacking Cisco or Barry. The last thing she remembers is encountering Grodd. Barry and the team deduces that Grodd used Gypsy to open a portal to Earth-1. Cisco tries to get Gypsy to help them fight Grodd, but she refuses to help.

Barry and the team spend the majority of the episode trying to figure out where and when Grodd and his army are going to attack the city. After Grodd takes control of Joe’s mind and almost makes him kill himself, the team is able to use a machine of some kind to help joe retrieve some memories of when he was being controlled. In this state, Joe is able to draw a picture of a man that must be of some importance to Grodd. We then cut to a scene of Grodd actually abducting this man out of his car.

After trying to convince Gypsy to help them one more time, and failing, Cisco releases her from the cell and allows her to travel back to her Earth. However, a little later we see Cisco travel to Earth-19 to try and get Gypsy to help them take down Grodd one last time. We then cut to Central City, where Barry and the group are preparing for battle with Grodd and his army. After Barry successfully defuses a bomb planted by Grodd, the super-ape decides it is time to launch the final assault. Barry, Jessie, and Wally meet Grodd and his army on the streets of Central City and the battle commences. Now I know this is the CW, and they have a limited budget as far as action sequences and CGI goes, but I was still hoping for more from this fight. There honestly wasn’t much to it, as Jessie and Wally beat up a few gorillas and then get pummeled themselves. Barry barely even fights Grodd before the real final match happens. That happens when Cisco and Gypsy appear through a portal with Solovar in tow. The former leader of the gorillas has an axe to grind with Grodd, and the two proceed to have a fairly entertaining fight. You can definitely tell that those budget constraints were in effect during these scenes, but nonetheless it was two gorillas fighting, so it was fun to watch. Solovar ends up coming out on top, and is about to kill Grodd until Barry asks him to spare his life. Solovar agrees, on the term that Barry never allows Grodd to return to Gorilla City.


The team then celebrates their victory over Gorilla Grodd, and we see Jessie and Wally together watching a movie. Jessie expresses her desire for a cheeseburger, so Wally races out to get one. However, we then see Wally suddenly stop somewhere in the middle of Central City and start looking around. We then see Savitar appear through a portal and race towards Wally, and that’s where the episode ends.

As far as side stories go, there were a couple during this episode. It is funny to see just how different Harrison and H.R. really are. H.R. orchestrates a friend’s day, and gives little cards to each of the team members, expressing his feelings for them. Harrison is not exactly an affectionate guy, and refers to H.R. as an idiot multiple times. We also see Jessie and Wally finally telling Harrison that she is going to move to Earth-1. Harrison takes it better than expected, but then fabricates a story about him being sick to try and get Wally to change his mind about having Jessie move. Wally tells Jessie about this, and she immediately knows that her father is lying, and calls him out on it, telling him she is moving here no matter what he says. By the end, Harrison seems to come to terms with his daughter moving to Earth-1 and tells Wally that if he ever hurts her, that there will be nowhere in the multiverse that he will be able to hide.

Overall, this episode was a somewhat satisfactory conclusion to the Gorilla Grodd story arc. I wasn’t as in love with this two-episode storyline as I was hoping I would be, but just having Grodd back at all was a nice thing to see. Also, having Harrison Wells back was nice as well. I like H.R. but I still like the stoic, kind of asshole Harrison better. I am curious to see what happens in the next episode with Wally and Savitar. I just hope they don’t skip ahead to after the confrontation, giving us a Savitar-less episode.


Score: 7.5/10


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